Current technology

  • All exams fully digital.
  • Exams and reports available online when completed.

Quick turn-around

  • Complete typed report on STAT exams usually available 30
    minutes after exam.
  • Complete typed report for routine exams usually ready in
    about 2 hours.

Quick access

  • Radiography exams with physician’s order available as walk-in.
  • Routine same-day appointments usually available in CT.
  • Routine next-day appointments usually available in MRI and Fluoro.
  • STAT appointments usually available daily for CT, MRI, Fluoro
    and US examinations.

Full range of exams available
for MRI

  • VMC offers the latest in MRI technology, with
    greater patient comfort .
  • Musculoskeletal shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand,
    hip, knee, ankle foot.
  • Head, neck, body, aorta, lower extremity
    runoff, vascular MRA studies.
  • Body, chest, neck, abdomen, pelvis, MRCP
    Neuro, spine.

Full-range CT exams, 64 slice

  • Musculoskeletal shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip,
    knee, ankle, foot.
  • New, faster lower-dose CT scanner with highly
    detailed images.
  • Body, chest, neck, abdomen, pelvis.
  • 3D reconstructions.
  • Urography.
  • Neuro, spine.
  • Vascular CTA studies.